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I was sent from the Stars (Text only)

I was sent from the stars to experience the beauty of this world through all of my senses

But then I was reminded of the despair that was felt by my ancestors when the weapons and tactics of destruction were deployed by the strange people that were arriving

They took our babies, they took our trees, they took our rivers, they took, and they took

Extraction. Extraction. Extraction.

The cycle has repeated itself over and over 

But despite this extraction we are still here

We are here pushing through the colonial barriers that were placed in front of us 

We are learning to navigate the complexities of this settler/colonial world with the intention of changing it

and We Rise higher and higher creating everlasting change protecting seven generations ahead

We reclaim our connection to the stars, and we remember the fluidity of the love that got us here

The same love that pushes us to rise higher and higher then any of these settler colonial institutions could have imagined