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Delaine Anderson

Delaine Anderson

Delaine is earning a Master of Public Health in the Maternal & Child Health program at the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health. Currently working at the Minnesota Department of Health, she helps the Pregnancy Risk Assessment & Monitoring System quantify adverse exposures before, during, and after pregnancy for Minnesotan birthing people. A fierce reproductive justice advocate, Delaine previously was an abortion clinic escort and is working to become a rural OB-GYN to increase access to comprehensive reproductive medical care.

Sze Cheng

Sze Cheng is a fourth-year doctoral candidate in the Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. She received her B.S. in Biology at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania.  Sze’s doctoral study focuses on the role of mTOR signaling on post-transcriptional gene regulation. Particularly, she is studying how splicing factor dynamics control alternative splicing and alternative polyadenylation in cancer cells.

Teresa Mccarrell

Teresa Mccarrell is a first generation doctoral student in her first year in the Plant and Microbial Department at the University of Minnesota. She previously obtained her bachelor’s in Microbiology and Cell and Molecular Biology from Oklahoma State University. Fascinated by microbes living in extreme environments, and the potential for life on other planets (astrobiology), Teresa would like to share information about exciting science topics that don’t receive enough media coverage by using her comic making skills. She hopes to inspire both the general public and potential future scientists with this science comic.

V.N. Vimal Rao

V.N. Vimal Rao is a doctoral student in the Department of Educational Psychology where he studies statistical reasoning and thinking. Vimal primarily teaches introductory statistics to both undergraduate and graduate students, and adapting a line from Disney-Pixar’s Chef Gusteau, he approaches his classrooms with the belief that ‘Tout le monde peut faire des statistiques’ [Everyone can do statistics]. His research attempts to apply learning theories, especially cognitive theories, to understand the way individuals interact with statistical information, ultimately in the service of better supporting their statistical training and practice. Vimal strongly believes in diverse research communities and the value of fresh outside perspectives.

Tiffany Lachelle Smith

Tiffany Lachelle Smith is the host and producer of (A)Broad in Education, a podcast on a mission to (dis)cover routes (ro͞ots) through conscious conversations about EDpats. EDpat was conceptualized to describe expatriates working in education outside of their home countries. With over a decade of domestic and international teaching experiences, Tiffany Lachelle taught in the US, Morocco, and the United Arab Emirates. As a fifth-year OLPD doctoral candidate, Tiffany Lachelle’s dissertation study examines teacher attrition through African American educators who left the US PK-12 system for teaching opportunities in the UAE. Her work focuses on identifying, addressing, and providing solutions for teacher retention and restoration.

Vinicius Taguchi

Vinicius Taguchi is a fifth-year doctoral candidate in the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering. He received a B.S. in Biological Engineering from North Carolina State University. He now conducts his research at the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, located on the original homelands of the Dakota and Ojibwe Nations. His research interests broadly include stormwater management, urban hydrology, and green infrastructure. Vini is also the president of the Twin Cities chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League, which advocates for social justice for all using the platform of the Japanese American WWII incarceration experience. He is passionate about furthering social justice conversations within the field of Civil Engineering and promoting environmental sustainability without exacerbating gentrification and community displacement.